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United Republic of Tanzania

The National Kiswahili Council (BAKITA)

Tanzania emblem

Core Values

In order for BAKITA to build and enhance enabling environment for achieving its goals of promoting and developing Kiswahili, the following will be core values to guide the institution:

  1. To promote community participation: to motivate the use of Standard Kiswahili in official communication by the society;
  2. Team-work: always to work as a team in order to achieve success and benefit to the society;
  3. Hard working: to increase efforts in serving and to focus more on quality of services offered
  4. Integrity: to be honest and exemplary in performing our duties
  5. Responsibility: to work hard and be focused on enhancing and promoting Kiswahili nationally and internationally
  6. Wise use of resources: to use the Council resources wisely and carefully for the benefit and the development of Kiswahili
  7. Openness: to be open in duty implementation and ready to receive opinions from the community members
  8. To accept changes: to be ready all the time to change in accordance to time