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The National Kiswahili Council (BAKITA)

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To maintain ICT systems and infrastructures as well as manage the Council's data and information.

This Unit will perform the following activities
  1. Develop and implement ICT strategic plan
  2. Advise on the use of cost effective and appropriate technologies
  3. Develop and manage electronic repository facility for essential Council's documentations
  4. Provide continuous users' support services
  5. Develop and manage the Council's data backup and recovery systems
  6. Partner with E-Government Agency to ensure compliance with Government ICT policies, legislation and standards
  7. Develop, compile and store Council statistics.

This Unit will perform the following activities:

  1. Develop and implement marketing strategies;
  2. Promote and market Council's products and services
  3. Document all corporate events
  4. Review and update of website and all social media platforms
  5. Kupokea maswali, maombi na maoni kutoka kwa wadau mbalimbali
  6. Kufanya utafiti wa masoko ya bidhaa na huduma zinazotolewa na Baraza
  7. Receive questions, requests and comments from the stakeholders
  8. Conduct market research products and services offered by the Council

This Unit will perform the following activities

  1. Develop internal audits plan and conduct audits in accordance with audit plans
  2. Develop and oversee implementation of internal audit policies
  3. Propose improvement in internal processes
  4. Perform internal audits in all areas of Council's business
  5. To cooperate with the Controller and Auditor General during auditing
  6. To supervise the response to audit queries

Library and Documentation Unit

This Unit will perform the following activities

  1. Keep cassettes, newspapers, videos, movies concerning Kiswahili
  2. Provide assistance to researchers and students in regard to Kiswahili language
  3. Organize and manage information, policies and procedures of the library
  4. Develop and oversee accessibility to library information System and services

Procurement Management Unit

This Unit will perform the following activities

  1. Prepare and execute annual procurement plans
  2. Oversee compliance with Government Procurement laws and regulations
  3. Manage tender process in accordance with established procedures
  4. Produce periodic reports
  5. To prepare office inventory